A Return To Blogging

I first began blogging in 2004. I remained active for about six years. At the time I shared personal content with a very small group of family and friends. I posted two or three times a month. The material ranged from "Kurtoons" (personal opinion/editorial art) to surf travel, running journals and finally, a lot of family highlights. The old blogs still exist at Blogger.com. Occasionally I will feel a sentimental tug and do a quick "deep-dive" back into a place forever ago. My journaling will never fire up the masses — but that was never the point. It was always a simple, personal opportunity to connect and share.

Today I am recommitting myself to blogging. I am not sure how all this will develop however my objectives will remain simple —

1) Keep It Positive 2) Seek To Inspire 3) Be Open

Finally, each blog will carry a personal illustration, photo or graphic that captures the spirit of the post. This is a selfish challenge to keep my creative mind and hands active. In my morning meditation and reading there was a wonderful example of Love as described by one of my favorite authors, Father Richard Rohr. I thought this could be an appropriate first share.